Born on a small island called “Reunion Island”, I don’t look tropical surely because when I was younger I loved spending my time drawing and creating stories instead of playing outside and getting sun-tanned. I’ve always been fascinated by movies and video games; it’s crazy how easily you can, with a simple screen, enter to a world full of possibilities.

Since my youngest age, I always desired to create one day my own story. This is why I naturally chose an artistic orientation where I could express myself.

What I like in my daily job is to have creative but also technical tasks. I know how time can be important in this field, and that’s why I constantly evaluate how much time I need to achieve a request.
When I’m working on a project, I like to be organized and move forward step by step.

My latest personal project (APU from Matrix) teached me how to boost my productivity, by giving me challenges day after day and stay focused. I constantly work to improve my skills, learn new techniques and keep myself updated concerning the latest tools.

Since I’m in the VFX’s industry what I mainly like is to work in a team, share knowledge and accomplish each goal together.

Graduated from ESMA Toulouse (Level 1 RNCP Title), I worked during 2 years at Post Panic. I’ve also worked during 10 months as a Freelance Modeller at Passion Pictures in London. I’m now living in this city since more than a year, looking for more opportunities.
If you’re reading theses lines, you’re surely sharing the same passion as me, so just drop me a line and I will answer to you for sure.

Everyone has something to learn, everyone has something to teach. ”   Vitorugo, freelance 3d artist

This sentence is one of my guideline in my way of working. Sharing his knowledge, his passion and always be respectful is my way of living.


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