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[/col] [col class=”2/3 last”] I’m 22 years old and I’m a Generalist/FX CG Artist. I’ve just finished my contract of 6 month with Mickey Did It. Before this, I was in the last year of my CG Animation formation at ESMA (Ecole Supérieur des Métiers Artistiques) from Toulouse, FRANCE. Since forever, I’ve always loved creating some new things, and that’s why I chose this training. [/col]


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    • PAST

In the beginning I wanted to write stories during my middle school. In high school, I decided to draw my stories and their own universe. It’s why I decided to pursue an Applied Arts training during my college. With my Applied Arts Baccalaureate (where I learned how to construct a drawing, a lot about Art History, Design, Architecture, and I made lots of Plastic Expression creations) I could realize that it is my way. This educational experience has been my main source of inspiration, and these years allowed me to spread my artistic sensibility.

And after that I finally decided to give life to my stories, backgrounds and characters and began my studies in 3D Animation and CGI. I’ve learned a lot about how a good scenario is created, how  a picture can become credible with a good lighting, how to give a good structure to a chara design. I finally understood how things worked.



I was graduated of my last year at ESMA Toulouse, IPAX certified in 2013. During my last year at ESMA, I produced the short ” Sail Away ” with a team, the conception begins from the writing and visual development to the post-production. I essentially worked on a big part of the visual development on the set , modeling , visual effects and dynamics. Sail Away was a fascinating experience where team working was essential. (see below for more information)

The biggest challenge for me was the realisation of the sets, especially for the jungle and the ocean.
Realising a jungle can quickly begin a big chaos, especially when you want to create a wild jungle with no gardener. The scene can quickly be very heavy and the renderfarm will take too much time to render it or just refuse. It’s why I choose to organised my jungle like a round target, the center is where the important elements like the chest or the kids are, this part is full of details. And quickly when we go away from the center, I removed some vegetable parts, switch some models in low poly and reduced some textures size. I used a lot of alpha plan for grasses, leafs and plants.

For the ocean, the big challenge was to don’t use any plugin like realflow or houdini, he was fully realised in Maya. For imitating the deepness of the sea, I used a SSS Shader combined with the Maya’s Ocean Shader for giving life to the waves. My nightmare was the interaction between the water and the bedboat, the simulation period can quickly be very time-consuming and the deadline was near, but I’m satisfied with the final result. It was a very good learning experience.

I’ve modeled a big part of all the sets, it was a really pleasant job because me and my team have thought a lot about their conception during the pre-production, it was awesome to build in CGI what we drew together. It was really fun to imagine how kids can see a room throught their imagination and gives life to it, Maya is really a fantastic tool for that!

For Sail Away, it was a pleasure for me to work in a team, show our work to a teammate give a new angle and allows to quickly find a solution together. This project lasted one year and we were only five. Living this experience in a small team allowed me to play on everything fronts. Sharing the best of what we can do and working together to push the boundaries was undoubtedly my favorite memory.

Mickey Did It

I’ve worked at Mickey Did It, for a long-term Internship. Mickey Did It is a start-up company for advertising at Amsterdam. It was a really exciting experience where I’ve learned how the professional world is working. During these months, I’ve mainly upgraded my skills in rendering and lighting. I’ve also learned how to use After Effect for the post-production and it was surprising how this software is really powerful and easy to learn when you are already a Photoshop regular user. And my skills in cloth simulation have been really useful to put more impact in the projects of Mickey Did It.

It was interesting to give my point of view and working together on funny projects where the deadline was short. Because it’s a startup company, it’s really important to say what you think about a project to make it better, to be realistic and to have ambitions, to know precisely  how much time you need for each task. I think I’ve mainly learned to communicate and share in this company. I moved to Amsterdam for this experience and where I’m currently living here, it’s a city where I am really feeling good.

    • FUTURE

I would like to continue as a generalist in my near future. During these last years, my favorite part was to discover and touch each part of the process of a CGI picture or a short. Of course I have some preferences, I can’t get tired of modeling, texturing, painting and drawing new ideas and I admit I’m not fond of rigging, but what I love on the generalist job is to have a variety of challenges everyday !

I would love to work in an advertising, animation or video games company, and I hope I can keep on opening up by making what I like since my youngest age.

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Edimburgh 1861,

Smout, a young boy confined to bed due to his fragile health is secretly joined by his friend Sam. Together, they flee to a colourful world seeking a marvelous treasure. Will Smout’s health be strong enough to live this adventure ?
Especially if the treasure these young pirates are looking for is the same the mighty French Navy desires.


This short was directed during the last year of my cycle in ESMA. With my crew, composed of five students, we carried out our short from the writing and visual development to the postproduction.

I’ve made the set design, set modeling, visual effects and dynamics. (see above for more information about the conception of the ocean and the jungle)
Here are the contacts of the other members of the crew.


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Rigging, animation
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Chara design, animation
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Lighting, rendering
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Layout, animation
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[line] [cols] [col class=”1/1 center”] For more information, don’t hesitate to contact me.
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